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X Banner And Roll Banner


This tool is a standard promotional equipment used during indoor and outdoor marketing activities. Interesting banner design will certainly increase the interest of people who see it. Both roll banners and x-banners are positioned strategically and easily viewed from any position.

Quite a few companies that choose banners rather than other promotional media such as video / tv, because the banner has the advantage in terms of cheap prices, care that tends to easily and easily moved. In addition, by using banners, users can also change the design more easily and without special equipment.

We sell roll banner and x-banner with detail of product as follows:

  • Roll Banner
    • As the name implies, how to use this banner is rolled or rolled, you simply pull the banner from top to bottom and then mount the buffer so that the banner can stand upright. Roll banners give the impression of a luxurious and modern, so fit to be displayed on the official and luxurious events. The size of the banner roll, relatively larger than x-banner is 60x160 cm, 80x200 cm, 85x200 cm.
  • X Banner
    • It has an X-shaped buffer to support the banner. Generally this buffer pole is made of lightweight aluminum pipe so easy to carry anywhere. X-Banner is usually placed next to the entrance of a shop, office, or event booth. Standart size is 60x120 cm, 60x160 cm, 80x180 cm.